Mentors Without Borders NPC 

Mentors Without Borders' mandate is to offer FREE Mentorship, advisory services and Enterprise Development programs in partnership and collaboration with Governments, Institutions and Private Sector. The Organisation has a pool of mentors who offer their services at no cost to the Entrepreneurs. Mentors are from Across the world since the Foundation is Global, and they are able to assist Entrepreneurs from any part of the world.  These Mentors can be viewed on RechargeMyBiz APP under Advisors Page. The APP also has a platform where Businesses get listed for exposure and visibility. Users can make a call directly from the APP and through the geolocation navigation will locate the first Advisor near them. The APP has high engagement level as Mentors/Advisors/Experts are able to engage with users on Business questions and topics.  The APP allows users to schedule one on one appointment with Mentors/Advisors/Experts. 


COVID-19 SMME Support

In response to COVID-19 SMME Support, Mentors Without Borders is always linking Advisors with Entrepreneurs who are able to get assistance for FREE.  If you are an Advisor/Advisor Register HERE and you will be linked with Entrepreneurs needing your services. Also as Entrepreneur Register HERE and you will be linked with Mentors, please note that if we do not find the mentor who will match your needs we are able to refer you to other platforms associated with our organisation.