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Curious Case Of Middle Class

June 24 2014 l ndbs  

The economy is structured in such a way that there must be employers and the employees. And it is the responsibility of employer to pay the employee for the services rendered or work done.  It is within  this circle where the  bourgeoisie have  found a dwelling place.  They also face a challenge whereby being in the middle means they must be paid salary to feed someone else or take care of house hold.  They are also a target of crime as they are the ones who are driving around with affordable cars and that lead them to seek security in the high walled estates.  This class get trapped in the bank system where they are provided loans and bonds for cars and properties.  As years go by a gap develop between their expenses and income due to fact that the employer does not match the inflation in annual salary increase.  It is upon the middle class to keep up with expenses and be able to spend wisely.  But no matter how wise one can be the gap will always widen and best way to close that gap is to look at means and ways of self sustenance than solely relying on employer.

Make use of mommy’s garage

When you first got employed you bought a car and before buying a car you had to extend mommy’s cottage and build a garage.  But now that you have moved from mommy’s place in a township  into a place you were meant to believe that is the safest haven the garage is now used as storage for any item that may be deemed antique in the house.  Instead of mommy  renting the garage to others who see business opportunity you can start a business, after all you still pay mommy rent as you buy her grocery as they can do little with the grant she is getting from government.  Instead of complaining that foreigners are taking over townships you can be a participant in that economic space and make money to supplement your income.

Make use of the skills daddy taught you

As you were growing you used to help daddy fix cars and that skill is in you but today you can’t even change car plugs.  Having a degree in Social Science does not limit you from exploring other avenues that can make you money, instead of your friends going to garage to change plugs and oil you can help them and make money.  If  you have skill in horticulture you can put that skill to use. 

Make use of your natural gift

Do not allow your career to suppress the natural gift you have as some are good in being master of ceremonies but are doing it casually during friends occasions, you can use that gift and make extra money for yourself.  There are those who grew as comedians and entertainers, that gift must be used now to make money also.   You need to charge your friends for an hour you spend as their marriage counselor.  People tend to appreciate more what they paid for than what came to them free of charge.  



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Act Like Antrepreneur, live  like Entrepreneur

May 19 2014 l ndbs  

Ants are interesting insects and unlike lions that you have to find in the zoo, they are found in rural and urban areas.  They travel without boundaries and  work hard for their food no wonder they got special mention in the bible, Proverbs 6:5-6 ““Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise” .  In studying their lifestyle one discovered that there is much to learn from such a tiny creature than could learn from a lion.

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Advertising On Social Media For Results

April 28 2014 l ndbs  

Social media is a great platform for networking, business connection, family contact, friendship, dating that may lead to marriage or heartbreak, whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is any person who is on social media already know the purpose and intentions of being there.  How you behave to those you are connected with may make or break your business as you may be consumed with marketing and advertising your business and become useless to your friends or become too social and neglect marketing your business as your time can be consumed by specific person that you may have direct communication with.  In paying special attention to business, the following should be taken into consideration when marketing and promoting it on social media

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Smart Way To Investor's Pocket

March 22 2014 l ndbs  


Many people are sitting with ideas and have no funds to implement them and some of these ideas die without seeing daylight.  They put their focus on banks and other financial institutions for funding and overlook the private investors who would have been able to finance those projects had they been approached the same way one approach the financial institutions, however most people when they approach private funders they tend to do it very casual hence most investors refuse to finance the projects.  In order for your idea to get investors’ attention you must:

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Do Not Sit On Your Laurels

February 24 2014 l ndbs  

You will have heard of how Blackberry was once a darling of the market where you would feel lost without the blackberry handset.  By the way many people do not even know the company owning Blackberry, its name is Research In Motion and it is not based in USA but Canada.  What became so 

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