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Dining With Captains 

July 31 2014 l ndbs  

Getting clients to buy your product or service takes talking and selling but to keep them takes character and respect.   The clients that you have they are also clients to others so they know all the tricks and the kind of game you play, and they can easily tell if you are trust worthy or not.  Some clients tolerate you when you lie not because they can’t change you for other providers but they see it as eye opener because they also do the same to their clients too.  No one wants a relationship with the clients that end with selling the product and nothing else until the next order.  But for you to always dine with your clients you need to take the following into consideration

Don’t cancel the appointment unless you have valid reason

Cancelling appointment can make your client feels less important.  Let there be a valid reason to postpone or cancel the appointment but in the absence of any, honor it.  If it is the client who decides to cancel it do not show desperation but ask for the next available date and time to meet.  And if it is you who cancel the appointment you must set a new date and time to show you are serious about the meeting.  Should it happen that it is the client who asked for postponement you need to check with the client which other date they feel you can meet than to sound disappointed.

Be always on time for appointment

Once you make appointment with the client you must know that they set their precious time aside and some go as far as inviting their colleagues to be part of the meeting without informing you and once you get late you disorganize a lot of people.  When you arrive late for an appointment you place yourself at the mercy of the client and you might end up being apologetic and sell your product cheap whereas arriving early whereby your clients end up being late gives you an upper hand. 

Do not lie about the traffic

In the 19th Century you would get away with traffic lies but we live in the age where you just log in on the cellphone and it tells you what has been happening in the past 24 hours at any road you enquire about.  Rather call and say you are running late than to arrive and lie saying you were stuck in traffic.  It will be embarrassing to say that only to find that the client you are about to meet just arrived at the office and was using the same road you were using and did not witness traffic.

Observe protocol

You may be too familiar with the client as you might have gone to same school but when your client is at the office follow orders.  Do not just walk into the office without knocking especially if there are people inside.  Do not try to show how well you know the client by calling them with first name that only the two of you know in front of staff or other people.  Give your client respect they deserve in their territory.  Do not linger around or stand when offered chair to sit, take a sit and be professional.

Engage wisely

Do not be caught talking about Nkandla report and get deep in a political debate and lose focus on the business of the day.  Deal with the matter that brought you to the meeting and engage on the other matter when your opinion is sought.  Do not start preaching and offer counseling to a client when they tell you they are about to divorce you are not a marriage councilor but you are there for business and only when your opinion is requested you can have your say,  you can make time for that or ask about that at the end of the meeting and only when the client is willing to discuss the matter otherwise do not coerce the client to speak when not ready to share with you.

Wrap the meeting and say goodbye

Have a closure to the meeting.  Do not carry on and on and on, remember when you walked in you said you have another appointment and requested an hour.  Do not sit and talk after the meeting as you might be proven a liar. If you are not in a hurry, you can stay only if the client is comfortable and have no other appointments.  Shaking hands and say “ Goodbye” can be the nicest way to end the meeting.



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Curious Case Of Middle Class

June 24 2014 l ndbs  

The economy is structured in such a way that there must be employers and the employees. And it is the responsibility of employer to pay the employee for the services rendered or work done.  It is within  this circle where the  bourgeoisie have  found a dwelling place.  They also face a challenge whereby being in the middle means they must be paid salary to feed someone else or take care of house hold.  They are also a target of crime as they are the ones who are driving around with affordable cars and that lead them to seek security in the high walled estates.  

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Act Like Antrepreneur, live  like Entrepreneur

May 19 2014 l ndbs  

Ants are interesting insects and unlike lions that you have to find in the zoo, they are found in rural and urban areas.  They travel without boundaries and  work hard for their food no wonder they got special mention in the bible, Proverbs 6:5-6 ““Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise” .  In studying their lifestyle one discovered that there is much to learn from such a tiny creature than could learn from a lion.

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Advertising On Social Media For Results

April 28 2014 l ndbs  

Social media is a great platform for networking, business connection, family contact, friendship, dating that may lead to marriage or heartbreak, whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is any person who is on social media already know the purpose and intentions of being there.  How you behave to those you are connected with may make or break your business as you

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