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#RechargeMyBiz Social Media Markeing And Promotions  


Our company is committed to marketing and promoting businesses whereby they are exposed to the market and are able to activate their brands better through various media platforms by focusing on the following key areas:

Social Media Marketing and promotions

We do marketing and promotion for your company on social media such as: 


With over 180 thousand followers and growing daily, we advertise weekly and when there are major events taking place that will be relevant to getting customers to your business.  If you do not have twitter account yet we do assist in opening one.  Our twitter handle  @ndzavid  and other accounts belonging to our associates and staff members are used for promotions.  Currently @ndzavid is rated amongst the top 100 business UPDATES accounts in the world to follow on twitter.  We Engage Brand to our followers and yours through raising or motivating topics that will create interest and prompt them to participate in such topics or discussions.  You can tell us which topic to raise or we can suggest based on what is trending in the market related to your business and products.

Managing your Twitter account

Due to workload most companies do not find time to manage their account, we therefore step in and manage the account whereby we do daily content updates and follow the potential clients while growing number of followers, we have seen accounts grow tremendously through our strategy.  Should you wish us to manage account on daily basis without access to the account, we will retweet your content to our followers whenever you tweet.  We also manage Personal accounts and can be done interchangeably.


We do have Facebook group BUSINESS INTERFACE SA (BUSISA) and personal account with over 30 thousand followers combines and we have also joined various groups for a purpose of advertising and promotions of companies.

Website Advertisement

OPTIONAL AND FREE: We can also place the advert of your business on our website if it meets your standards at the same price given above and also interview the Manager or Director and put it under Meet-Captain Page. 

Events and Promotions

Once we enter into agreement, we will request your banners and brochures to promote the business at the BUSINESS BREAKFAST events that we host regularly.  This will be part of the total package at no extra cost.  We also assist in organizing events that are aimed at promoting and advertising the company whereby we enter into agreement on how we can jointly work on the project.


One and Half Hour Training On Social Media Account Management

We do offer One and Half Hour training on how to manage your social media accounts.  This training is offered at your office to your employees or yourself where we teach you how to:

Grow your followers

Manage your content

Represent your Brand

Sell your services and Products



The Fees depend on the duration of the agreement as some clients prefer 12 months but others prefer longer or shorter.  Therefore you can send us email and we will send you a quotation according to your preference.


We have done promotions for TESTIMONY GUEST HOUSE in Botswana (Refer to website interview and adverts).  RHINO FERTILITY in Johannesburg.  MICASA LUXURY SUITES in White River.  MEDIA 757 in Johannesburg.  KUNJALO CDR in Johannesburg and Dumisani Hlophe, CAFE50 Carlton Centre Top Of Africa, SMALL BUSINESS ELDERS, HLASIMA NETWORKS, CREDIT CLEAR REMEDY.  These are but few of the clients that we worked with. 

We are always available at your convenience for meeting.

Ndzavi Derrick Hlungwani, CBA

CEO and Chief Editor: New DiscoveryBS

Certified Business Advisor 

Member of Institute Of Business Advisors (IBA)  Membership No: M0990

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