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You Are The First PR Executive For Your Business, Behave As Such When Networking

May 08 2015 l ndbs  
Network sessions are seen by many as platform where they will go and sell their business and distribute business cards to those deemed potential clients, very few see it as a platform to buy what they are looking for, the reality is that what you have been looking for can be purchased at a handshake price for the mere fact that you shook hands with the seller and had an opportunity to interact at personal level than client and service provider. You therefore need to go the sessions prepared

Dress for the occasion

Normally the host will indicate on the invitation the dress code for the event, check all the details and do comply than defy the rules. The moment you walk in looking different from the rest you have already created resentment from those who obeyed the rules and they might not give you attention or have interest in your business.

By coming you honoured the invitation, also honour the occasion by dressing the part. It is not about dressing expensive but dressing according to the host request. Remember, you can give cheap cloths value but fake cloths devalue your character.

Rather show up at the event wearing Justin watch than showing up wearing fake Rolex without even a car. Dress for the occasion more than for attention

Interact with everyone

Some people when in social gathering prefer to speak to those of opposite sex more than their own. And even on those of opposite sex they look for the handsome and the beautiful. The handsome and the beautiful may give you smile but not the business you are looking for.

Learn to interact with everybody that you come across. Show interest in every person present at the event, they came to meet you and you came to meet them. Do not be selective in issuing business cards, those you think do not deserve your card are the once who need them most, and ask for their cards after issuing yours to show that it is not about you but you also have interest in their business too. 

Avoid spending more time with one person as you only have hour or less, and once you are noticed to be giving certain individual attention you might be shooting yourself on the foot as others may feel less important and have nothing to do with you.  Even if you are friends on social media, make your union brief.

Be there to buy than to sell only

When in network session tell yourself that you are there to meet those who can source what you want and sell it at convenient price. Prepare yourself to negotiate for items you have not seen yet and commit the seller via email to the promise made at the event.

Once you show interest in buying from others the chances are high for them to show interest in buying from you thus exchange business transaction than business cards only. Create platform for others to shine. Do not give lecture on how others should run their business, you are there to socialize.

Bring etiquette along

Etiquette can make people warm up to you faster and open up in sharing their life experience and their business. If you have to use a lift as a man let ladies out first while holding the door of the lift even though you know holding the button would still do the job and let them out first.

If you were waiting with a lady that you just met and have to move to the table and sit together, pull out the chair for her to sit before you take your sit. And for ladies, phone must be in the bag unless it is emergency, you came for networking therefore whatsapp or Facebook or Twitter should not rob you of that precious time you have with the guy or anyone sitting next to you.

Be conscious of people around you and give them attention. When it is time to eat, don’t take more than you can chew, be a mensch.

After goodbyes, do as you promised

When in networking session and having exchanged cards the promise is always “I will drop you email first thing in the morning”, maybe one need to ask which morning one is referring to as you might get the email after a month.

If you made promised to call or send quotation or courtesy email, do so before the dust settles as they might not remember you after a month or so. 

Remember, you are first PR Executive  for your business, act the profession.

Derrick is a Certified Business Advisor   (IBA Member)

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Get All Your Race Horses At The Starting Gates

March 23 2015 l ndbs  
At the racecourse all horses have same starting time and are at closed starting gate to make sure they are all at the same line before take off but someone is optimistic that their favorite horse will emerge a winner.

At the end of the race there will indeed be one winning horse that will be all over the news and those who placed a bet on it will head to the bank smiling. But the overall winner is the race organiser because every horse paid to enter the race, every gambler paid to bet for the horses, those attending the race paid entrance fee, the broadcasters paid for broadcasting rights, and the organisers decide the winner’s price.

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Enhancing Value Chain Among Entrepreneurs

Value Chain is the concept that has been promoted by governments around the world with focus on how they can integrate systems to function efficiently, and they have taken it further by looking at how they can relate amongst each other through bilateral trade agreements that carry tax exemptions and tariff deals that will see seamless transactions to boost their economies. 

The question that needs to be asked is what are entrepreneurs doing in facilitating similar agreements amongst each other without relying on government invitations and pay exorbitant amounts in accompanying diplomats to witness them sign agreements.  And very few companies do afford the trip costs, and while on that trip like World Economic Forum there is a fee to meet head of States or be in some strategic talk shows. 

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Fishermen Have No Competitors

I was asked a question by a mentoree during mentorship session: “How do I deal with competitors in the area?” And immediately the thought of fisherman dropped in my mind.  I pictured a fisherman on the bank of the dam with other fishermen nearby. 

What came strongly is that every fisherman is focused on their fishing line to see if it moves and their attention is on the fishing rod that is held tight by the hands which makes it difficult to lose focus.  The only time they look aside is when another fisherman screams after catching a fish and that will be short lived as everybody is back to their fishing rods which have not caught fish yet.  For fishermen to concentrate on their rods than on the competitors they adhere to the following:

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Knock Yourself Off Debts Wagon

Getting in debts then pay someone to administer your way out is like kidnapping yourself and pay someone ransom to be freed. Most people realize they are in debt the moment they need something and can’t afford due to other financial commitment, and instead of paying off what they have committed in they start to see crisis in the situation.  One has to ask a question “Did I make mistake by committing my money to that?” and if answer is no keep paying without pressure. 

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Your Business Needs Medical Attention Too

As humans we are quick to seek medical help should we not feel well in our bodies and at times it does not matter how much we pay for the services as long we get help, yet we fail to do the same when our businesses are unwell, instead of seeking help from experts and consultants, we try to fix things by ourselves until the business collapse and we are unable to resuscitate it back to life.  The following are steps that will help getting your business healthy:

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Get Your Business Off The Ledge

Every business does experience dry season and rainy season, there are times where it soars like an eagle, and comes a time where it hides like a bat waiting for night time.  It becomes dangerous when it get on the ledge and leave the owner with two options: To jump and crush or hold back for rescue.  When faced with that situation the following can help get on your feet again: 

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Is Cash Still King In Business?

The old adage that Cash Is King still has meaning in today’s business world.  Employees are paid through cash, Service providers need to be paid cash, creditors are paid cash.  Any company that has its cash withheld by its debtors such company may struggle to meet its financial obligations. 

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Dining With Captains 

Getting clients to buy your product or service takes talking and selling but to keep them takes character and respect.   The clients that you have they are also clients to others so they know all the tricks and the kind of game you play, and they can easily tell if you are trust worthy or not.  

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Curious Case Of Middle Class 

The economy is structured in such a way that there must be employers and the employees. And it is the responsibility of employer to pay the employee for the services rendered or work done.  It is within  this circle where the  bourgeoisie have  found a dwelling place.    

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Act Like Antrepreneur, live  like Entrepreneur

Ants are interesting insects and unlike lions that you have to find in the zoo, they are found in rural and urban areas.  They travel without boundaries and  work hard for their food no wonder they got special mention in the bible, Proverbs 6:5-6 ““Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise” .  In studying their lifestyle one discovered that there is much to learn from such a tiny creature than could learn from a lion.

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Advertising On Social Media For Results

Social media is a great platform for networking, business connection, family contact, friendship, dating that may lead to marriage or heartbreak, whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is any person who is on social media already know the purpose and intentions of being there.  How you behave to those you are connected with may make or break your business as you

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