I am staying with my partner and we are not married yet, we seem to have same business ideas, Should we go into partnership now or after marriage?

  Zanele - Nelspruit, SA

Posted: October 18 2012


NDBS Answers:

That must be well thought before getting into that business together.  Better marry first before committing yourselves further as anything can happen whereby you may not marry.  Even when married you can be partners contractually without being signatory both of you in that business, however once married, depending whether you marry ANC or COP, that business will have legal implications to both parties.   Rather do it alone and your partner will join later as currently might mean you have to open joint account which may lead to complications should the relationship not work as the other party can decide to stall the entire process of the operation by refusing to sign documents relating to the company.   




  I am thinking of taking my business online, just wanted to find out how many pages a good website should have.

Nkamogeng - Gaborone, Botswana

Posted: October 17 2012

 NDBS Answers:


Going online is not about how many pages your website should have but what content you have put in the website.  You can have two pages or 10 pages or more.  The number of pages are determined by the information you put on the website and how interactive the website is going to be.  Also bear in mind that you can spend your money on website but if that site do not get traffic would be same as putting billboard in the road less traveled.  You must then be willing to interact with different social sites where you can promote your website.






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