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Our Company 

New Discovery BS has been in business since 2001 under New Discovery Business Solutions, It has been changed in 2013 to a Private Company from a Close Corporation. The company and has helped register and set up many businesses for its clients, it has played mentorship role to most of the businesses that it helped set up.  


Our vision is to redefine the quality that is in the entrepreneurs by making them realize that they have potential to grow their businesses from start-ups into big corporate that will add value on the economy of the country and the world at large.


Creating society of entrepreneurs who will build businesses that will be self sustained and create business opportunities for themselves and those partnering with them. To achieve this entrepreneurship development will be the focal point of our business thus building confidence and equipping entrepreneurs with relevant skills that is required for business to succeed. It is our mission to source any valuable information that will be useful to entrepreneurs and make it available through their structures of affiliation and through our media facilities.  



Our goals and objectives are to:

  • Providing information and equip Entrepreneurs
  • Building a society of Entrepreneurs that will be interdependent within the society.
  • Helping establish sustainable businesses that will leave legacy for next generation
  • Creating platform of trade locally and internationally for Entrepreneurs
  • Mentoring and evaluation of Entrepreneurs for them to stay on course


Our Values

- Mentorship

- Equipping Others

- Development Driven

- Building for legacy

- Society Belonging

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We are committed to rendering the following services to clients and stakeholders:


-          Mentorship And Advisory

-          Accredited Facilitator and Assessor conducting workshops and Trainings

-       International Trade Facilitator, assisting investors to set up businesses in SA

-       Investor Relations, making available information and linking investors to Businesses

-       Facilitate Partnership and acquisitions

-          Business Development and growth strategy

-          Client representation in negotiations for contracts

-          Online Advertising

-       Social Media Strategy and Brand Monitoring

        -          Tender Assistance

-          Company formation and registration

-          Drawing Company Contracts, Proposals, MOU, Constitution, Business Plan

-       Business Services

The company also provides opportunity for businesses to advertise on this website and offer interview to entrepreneurs to sell and market their businesses better.

In order to stay in touch with the clients the company has set up a media wing through which it is able to keep clients up to date with current economic news and events taking place in their vicinity.  The company also provides opportunity for businesses to advertise on the website and offer interview to entrepreneurs to sell and market their businesses better.

#RechargeMyBiz that is what we do on Social Media 

We are able to communicate to your potential clients through social media whereby we engage your Brand in topics and discussions that are in line with your business thus grow interest in what your business offer and also increase your social media presence. 

For more on this click #RechargeMyBiz!

The Team

We have built a strong team of staff who are capable and flexible to execute duties seamlessly. This team helps in facilitating workshops, mentorship programs and seminars. We also partner with other businesses as we see others as complementary players than competitors.

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Ndzavi Derrick Hlungwani - CEO 

Derrick Ndzavani (Ndzavi in short) Hlungwani, is a Certified Business Advisor, a member of Institute of business Advisors SA which is regulated by SAQA, he is also Accredited Facilitator and Assessor. 

He is the founder of New DiscoveryBS, the company focuses on Advisory and Business News and Information. He has mentorship/advisory experience of 15 years, the last company he worked for was Discovery Health which inspired him to start New DiscoveryBS.

He worked with small businesses and various organisations in development, planning and strategies aimed at advancing entrepreneurship. He serves as a board member on various companies and organisations, He is committee member of the Institute of Business Advisors South Africa.

He offers advices daily on Social Media platform and also share business stories, news and information. He conduct mentorship programs and advisory on regular basis. He advices entrepreneurs in South Africa and internationally.  He is time and again invited for interview by Radio stations such as SA Fm and TV channels. He is also invited to Business events as a speaker and panelist.


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