The First 100 Days In Your Business



June 14  2013 l ndbs   By: Ndzavi Derrick Hlungwani 


First 100 days are crucial for any head of state as that is the time to get settled in the office amidst all the hype and the excitement of having won the elections.  That is when the head of state appoint the cabinet, meet different Director Generals who have been serving in the previous term, handing of olive branch to opposition, chopping and changing.  It is within that period that it starts to sink in that one is now in charge and making sure that a formidable team is put in place to take the country forward in the next four or five years.  It is also at this time that the country is watching with anticipation every move head of state makes.  Scrutinizing the appointments made.   A lot of hard work is put in place. 

The same applies to the business.  The first 100 days are important as any decision made within that period will determine if that business will succeed going forward or not.  Here is “To Do” list in the first 100 days.

Appointing the right team

As entrepreneur you need to appoint the right team that will work with you.  Getting a posh office will not give you edge in the market but having the right team will.  You must identify people with skills that will occupy the office and bring synergy in the company. 

Arrange induction for your staff

You need to have budget in place to arrange crush courses whereby they will be lectured on company policy and even products as not all of them may have an in-depth knowledge of your products or service.  You must be able to interpret the manuals than hand them just as they are as some may be overexcited for having the job and not go through the manual like many car owners do as they refer to manuals only when they experience challenges with the car.  The induction must include a person making tea or security at the gate up to the top management.  The induction must cover your vision and mission and the background of the company, your policies and product knowledge.  You need to have a time slot where you share the vision in details and impart yourself and your knowledge of the product to your staff.

Have the Corporate Identity and basic office automation in place

There is no such thing as “we will see ahead” when it comes to operation.  Clients tend to demand what you don’t have.  And you cannot walk into the office of a client whom you expect to ditch their reliable client for you without Business card that will state your company name, your details with email address.  The email address should be the proper company one than generic like gmail, yahoo etc.  That would mean that your company should be having a website, even if you have no website but should have domain registered whereby you can have your email addresses functioning.  Mistakes most people make is to have business cards in the name of a person but the email address is written “reception” or “sales” @  as  already you are telling your client that they may not be dealing with you directly in future.

Work in such a way that when 100 days are over you have covered all the basics.  And after 100 days you have five year plan facing you that will be made up by monthly and yearly targets.  Welcome to aboard Airforce ONE President.



Work From Home Without Taking Your Work Home 

Working from home has been associated with clients not trusting your delivery ability and your business efficiency.  That was acceptable years back where a landline would be a proof that you have an office and your business is reliable.  Today we are living in the integrated society where communication has been made simply through ICT.   With discipline and determination you can make millions sitting in your chair at home while dispatching and receiving orders at your fingertips.  With the following your business can be a success while at home:  Read Full Article


Personal Ingredients Entrepreneur Should Have

In life everything has a source and components that comprise of that particular thing.  And for one to understand the use and the conditions that particular item should be exposed to one has to have an understanding of what it is made of.  And should another person wants to replicate the item will have to look at the ingredients and come up with the similar product.  The same with entrepreneurs, there are human elements that can be attributed to entrepreneurs for them to be seen as such.  Below are some of the ingredients that make an entrepreneur Read Full Article


5 Keys To Creating Staff Precision And Harmonious Work Environment

You have hired the best team to work for you, but is your team the best combination to work harmoniously together?  Any person’s best is dependent on joint force as it takes a team to get the job done than one person.  It is upon the CEO to see that there is synergy at the work place for the job to be done correctly and efficiently without quarrels and squabbles.  The following are the keys to creating staff precision and harmonious work environment: Read Full Article


Dump New Year Resolutions, Stick To Daily Routine

We are in that time of the year where diaries and notebooks are prepared to have their first inscription in bold “NEW YEAR RESOLUTION”.  Come year end few or none of these resolutions are accomplished yet there will be no note at the bottom saying “ABORTED RESOLUTIONS” or “CARRY OVER TO NEW YEAR”, instead people take all the pains to sit down and think of what the New Year resolution will be. 

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Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar?

"Lerato stole the cookie from the cookie jar. Who? Me? Yes you. Couldn’t be.  Then who stole the  cookie from the cookie jar?  Nkateko stole the cookie from the cookie jar. Who? Me? Yes you. Couldn’t be.  Then who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?  Derrick stole the cookie from the cookie jar. Who? Me? Yes you.  Couldn’t be.”   

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HARNESS Your Idea, No One Will

It is very exciting to wake up in the morning and have this business idea lingering in your mind.  You grab a pen and start writing as you feel that by the time you open the laptop or tablet the idea will have evaporated. 

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Don't Waste Your Time In Marketing Gimmicks  

Have you ever received a call saying that you have been selected for a prize and all you have to do is attend a presentation to collect the prize and when you get there you are treated as if no one called you as you have to go through a registration process?  Well if that has not happened to you yet as long you have contact number just expect that call.  There is nothing wrong with marketing but the way it is done can make you a ‘Slaughter of the Innocent’ if you are wise.  How do you tell that is all gimmicks:

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Branding The Easier Way

If you go to google and type ‘company logos’ it will give you 774, 000 000 results in 0.39 seconds.  And if you were to take time and go through those logos you will find that over 30 logos are similar to yours but the services that you render with those companies vastly differ with what your company does

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