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July 29  2013 l ndbs   By: Ndzavi Derrick Hlungwani 

"Thank you thank you thank you mcwaaaaaa! I owe you a lot”, that is the expression you get from a desperate sales Representative after getting a business from a client.  Those are the expressions that make the buyer wonder if they were the only client the sales representative had.  You are a Sales Rep representing a company with values and you need to do things according to the set values and standards set by the company than become a beggar to clients.   

The following will help you behave and stay professional even when you sold an island whether you are a boss cum sales rep in your own company or a company sales rep:  

Telephone Ethics

Most of the sales are initiated telephonically.  You can loose or win a client by how you present yourself on the phone.  This reminds me of a day when I called a friend to advertise on our website.  He saw that it was my number and he answered casually and I introduced myself to him and introduced our company, then explained to him the reason for calling and sold the ad space to him.  By the time we finished the conversation he found himself having committed to advertise on the website, something he should have considered long time ago but this time I was calling from different office, being a sales representative. 

There are some sales reps who will call you and hear a noise on the background and starts asking you what is that noise all about.  You are already irritated by the noise and now they expect you to explain the noise than get to the point as to why they called you.  When you call a client, as a company you have a standard way that you use to introduce your business and the products, stick to that.  It is after when you have closed the sale that you can engage a client on the personal level and ask why is the dog bucking.

Avoid overrated follow ups

There are some sales reps who will come to see you or give you a call and you indicate to them that you will come back to them after sometimes.  Stick to the time given than to call a client even before the date they gave you.  And once you call them on the date and they say they will call you back or call them again later, drop the call and stick to their program.  Have you heard of “slaughter of the innocent”?  That could be a sign that you are about to be slaughtered so just walk away without sale. 

Don’t reduce yourself to a beggar as a business owner cum sales rep or employed rep, if you call a client and no clear outcome and no sign of making a sale, walk away from that client than wasting your resources.  Don’t be slaughtered innocently when you can make sales somewhere.  You win some and loose some.

Persuade but don’t pressurize

I still remember a guy who called me and said he will come to do demonstration with the machine that sucks bugs out of the bed and the carpet.  I told him I will be home at 6pm and he did arrive exactly that time.  He did all demonstrations and kept asking if I was happy with the machine’s performance and I told him it was superb.  Now he took out his order book and starts filling in my details and requested my credit card to buy the machine for R20 000.  And when I told him I did not have that kind of money at the moment his face changed.  We ended up arguing as he felt I wasted his time with demonstrations.  What he did was to persuade me but he could pressure me to buy.  And I could not buy because his face changed. 

This is what we face daily whereby a sales rep will tell how good the product is and expect us to buy based on how good the product is not how good our bank account is.  If a client has no money there is nothing much you can do, just hope in future they will consider saving for the product.

Act professional not desperate

Have you ever pulled at the robot and a guy runs to you with sunglasses that are being sold and politely ask you to “support me please?” .  That is the attitude most sales reps have.  They think that by wearing a torn shirt will make clients sympathise with them and buy the product.  People are not interested on your bills come month end but interested on the product that you sell.  If the product you sell is not liked look for better product or company than expecting people to buy from you out of sympathy.  People want to spend on what is worth their money and respect that.  Dress smart and speak smart.



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