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Staying Positive Under Negative Economic Circumstances 

November  20 2017 l ndbs  

Petrol price is going up and up and up, GDP figures are declining, Inflation is rising,  Most companies are closing down due to financial constraints, operating costs are swallowing the profit every month.  These factors have a potential of rising the blood pressure especially if you are a business owner caught in this economic turmoil.  Resilience and determination is needed coupled with positive attitude in order to sail through the turmoil.


Admit that you are facing challenges

Many entrepreneurs do not want to accept that they are faced with difficulties in their businesses because they don’t want people to laugh at them or see them struggling, instead of admitting that they are faced with challenges they want to act and spend as if everything is normal.  Once you admit the situation you are able take corrective measure.

Downscale your expenses

You used to shop until you drop without even checking the price, but current conditions do not allow you to continue that way therefore you need to draw a budget and spend within your means.  The situation will not stay as it is forever, when things change for better you will then go back to your luxury life since there is nothing wrong with that as long you can afford it.  Downscaling also mean changing children school especially if you realize you were struggling to pay the fees the previous year.  If you were renting the big apartment you might consider moving to the one that you can afford.

Don’t stone your debtors

Be careful how you treat your clients because the business is slow due to them not having the buying power they used to have.  Don’t scream and throw your hands and threaten them, yes there are those who will take advantage of the situation but there are those who might have lost their job.  Be there for them and support them emotionally than adding more stress in their lives by phoning non-stop. 

Negotiate with your Creditors

Do not wait for your creditors to call you first, if you know you have skipped the payment do the honours and call them and apologise for not having made the payment and make arrangement.  Show willingness to pay than trying to avoid their calls.

Don’t lose Hope, help is on the way

The moment you start complaining about the conditions to your clients and start telling them that they should pay you because your child has been expelled from school then you are starting to crack.  If you believe in God like I do this is the time to look up to Him and have faith in Him and He will see you through. 


Derrick Ndzavi, a Certified Business Advisor   (IBASA Member) 

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Help, I Am StartUpreneur  

November  15 2017 l ndbs  

Starting a business can be hectic and requires much of your time and effort as the founder.  If your foundation is not laid well the whole business can crumble after taking shape.  Nothing about business should be overlooked as that may catch up with you later.  No one started a business knowing everything but made time to research and dig deeper in knowing what to start, when to start and where to start.  The following steps can assist in setting up a company that will grow in to a big conglomerate:

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CAPA: Taking Corrective And Preventive Action In Advancing Entrepreneurship 

September  07 2017 l ndbs  

Delivered at University of Pretoria ABASA TUKS Youth Entrepreneurship Day

Thank you for inviting me, Last year I got invitation to the college and in my heart was “University Platform watch out am coming” and here I am today. And I do book myself in advance for future events.

Being invited to speak at University platform, and to inquisitive and intelligent minds can be a challenge, you try to be sophisticated in preparing so that you can be seen to be intelligent too but sometimes we need to go back to the basics

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Take The Mask Off And Create Wealth On Social Media 

June 21  2017 l ndbs  

Many people are on social media space yet fail to use it optimally leading to them failing dismally in growing their businesses.  Some believe that to have a voice on social media space they must be celebrities or people of influence.  Reality is that one can be a celebrity but without content one can still not have strong presence on social media that can yield profit.  Content is what one can create or source, which is relevant to the business one owns.  Whatever one says or do should lead towards social awareness, business gains or advocacy.

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Curious Case Of An Entrepreneur 

April 24  2017 l ndbs  

Dear Entrepreneur... You are on your own


When you share your business idea with family and friends no one seems to understand what you are trying to say. 

When you share with those you think have been in business before you they tell you it is impossible. 

When you make it, everyone wants to be close to you in case they will need help in the next 24 hours.  When business blossom and grow they call you savvy.  When it starts to crumble they start to dig out your weaknesses trying to find a reason why the business failed. 

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Know Your Worth And Live The Brand  

February 20 2017 l ndbs  

You must learn to walk away not because you want others to realize your worth, but because you finally realize your own worth”. - Hunadi Yoliswa Makobela

If you do not know your worth in life you will work for what others determine for you than what you deserve.  If your qualification has a benchmark of how much you should earn that is what you will be paid for but if you understand how much you are worth you will go extra mile by registering for other qualification to increase your value to what you think you are worth or start a business to take you where you belong.   You can know  your worth and live the Brand that you are when you do the following:

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ND Entrepreneurologist

Digital Migration Is NOW, Are Your Ready?  

December 03 2016 l ndbs  

Having a black and white Television was once a prestige and status until  the not so colour TV.  The not so colour TV had its life span until was replaced by the clear picture, the question is what next?  To someone whose mind is still holding on to the not so colour TV there may not be answer to the NEXT part, but to someone whose mind has been migrating with the changes there is that visualization of the possibility of improvement to what is today called clear HD and 4D picture.  With all this transitions and changes taking place the question is: How ready are entrepreneurs for digital migration. 

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ND 2016

Transcend Your Business Idea From Creative Mode To Innovative Mode Seamlessly 

September 28 2016 l ndbs  

Business Ideas are floating in the minds of billions of people daily yet very few have the opportunity of turning them into reality.  Those with ideas are held back by many factors such as lack of funding, lack of support and lack of proper planning on their side. At the most people lack enthusiasm, thereby allow procrastination to kick in.   Of the ideas that make it into reality, most only get into creative stage and when the product is developed, the now entrepreneur is unable to take the product to the market since too much focus was in the development, excitement, experiment without looking into  how will the product be sold, where will it be sold and how much will it be sold for.  In order for the product to step out of idea stage  into development stage, then innovative  stage, the following should be in precision

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Make Room For Plan B, Just In Case... 

August 03 2016 l ndbs  

In every circle of life people talk about having plans, and these plans are labeled as Plan A and Plan B, one rarely hear of plan C, D until plan Z.  Plan B does not have to be associated with failure but can be associated with taking A step further towards achieving your goals and objectives in business.  Plan A must be supported after running its course by adhering to the following:

Plan A is up to where your business is, and Plan B is when you take the business forward, but you cannot take the business forward without any future plans.  Business growth is determined by owner’s desire to change to the next level, when change is effected, growth is inevitable.   There is often reluctance from business owner to step into transition that will lead to business growt

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Social Media Advertising For Positive Outcome 

June 26 2016 l ndbs  

Social media is a great platform for networking, business connection, family contact, friendship, dating that may lead to marriage or heartbreak, whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is any person who is on social media already know the purpose and intentions of being there.  How you behave to those you are connected with may make or break your business as you may be consumed with marketing and advertising your business and become useless to your friends or become too social and neglect marketing your business as your time can be consumed by specific person that you may have direct communication with.  In paying special attention to business, the following should be taken into consideration when marketing and promoting it on social media

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Dress For Success Inside Out

March 22 2016 l ndbs  

I was invited to Australian Embassy by a friend for a business gala dinner, the embassy was to outline business opportunities in Australia and I had to look good that day. I pulled my best suit and the tie that I seldom wear. I drove to the gala dinner and on arrival I felt lost as most of the guests were wearing shirts, no ties, just semi formal. This made me realize that each country has a way in which they define dress code for occasions especially in the business circle. It dawned on me on how Arabs conduct businesses in their attire while mingling with western partners in their black suits and red ties. That event made me reflect on the following when invited or for business meeting:

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"This Was My Great Year" Entrepreneur Should So Say 

Many Entrepreneurs start a year with great resolutions and are excited and looking forward to business growth and great year ahead. In countries like China their years are themed around the national goals but in countries like South Africa the themes are according to religious bodies individuals belong to.

One church may have prosperity as a theme and the other has Taking Over as a theme, such themes do inspire individuals to have aim and purpose during the year. It is unfortunate that not everybody will experience fulfillment of the theme come year end

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It Is The End Of The Year Not the End Of Your Business... DON'T PANIC

At the beginning of the year every business owner has resolution made and part of that is to make enough money to afford a holiday with loved ones, to some is to have a car or buy property, but come year end some realize that they faced more difficulties such that they are amazed that the business is still going on.

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Think Like An Entrepreneur, Act Like A Trader


Being an Entrepreneur is about innovation, ideation, spending time conceptualizing and seeing the end product in your mind. It is when the product is ready that it will require rigorous selling, promotion, marketing and management to get it off the shelf.

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Vision 3030: Think Beyond Your Lifetime

Whether we like it or not, probably none of us in 2015 will leave to see 3030. But whether we leave to see it or not, 3030 will come. In as much as there are those waiting for the world to end, the world may not end before 3030.

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Take Off Saul's Armour And Face Goliath

The story of David and Goliath may sound a myth to some but records show that the battle in the valley of Elah with archeological backing did take place. It is a story so close to may people of different religions as it shows the level of faith and trust that one can have in God to win the battle.
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You Are The First PR Executive For Your Business, Behave As Such When Networking

Network sessions are seen by many as platform where they will go and sell their business and distribute business cards to those deemed potential clients, very few see it as a platform to buy what they are looking for, the reality is that what you have been looking for can be purchased at a

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Get All Your Race Horses At The Starting Gates

At the racecourse all horses have same starting time and are at closed starting gate to make sure they are all at the same line before take off but someone is optimistic that their favorite horse will emerge a winner.

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Enhancing Value Chain Among Entrepreneurs

Value Chain is the concept that has been promoted by governments around the world with focus on how they can integrate systems to function efficiently, and they have taken it further by looking at how they can relate amongst each other through bilateral trade agreements that carry tax

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Fishermen Have No Competitors

I was asked a question by a mentoree during mentorship session: “How do I deal with competitors in the area?” And immediately the thought of fisherman dropped in my mind.  I pictured a fisherman on the bank of the dam with other fishermen nearby.

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Knock Yourself Off Debts Wagon

Getting in debts then pay someone to administer your way out is like kidnapping yourself and pay someone ransom to be freed. Most people realize they are in debt the moment they need something and can’t afford due to other financial commitment,

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Your Business Needs Medical Attention Too

As humans we are quick to seek medical help should we not feel well in our bodies and at times it does not matter how much we pay for the services as long we get help, yet we fail to do the same when our businesses are unwell, instead of seeking help from experts and consultants,

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Get Your Business Off The Ledge

Every business does experience dry season and rainy season, there are times where it soars like an eagle, and comes a time where it hides like a bat waiting for night time.  It becomes dangerous when it get on the ledge and leave the owner with two options: To jump and crush or hold back for rescue.  When faced with that situation the following can help get on your feet again: 

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Is Cash Still King In Business?

The old adage that Cash Is King still has meaning in today’s business world.  Employees are paid through cash, Service providers need to be paid cash, creditors are paid cash.  Any company that has its cash withheld by its debtors such company may struggle to meet its financial obligations. 

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Dining With Captains 

Getting clients to buy your product or service takes talking and selling but to keep them takes character and respect.   The clients that you have they are also clients to others so they know all the tricks and the kind of game you play, and they can easily tell if you are trust worthy or not.  

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Curious Case Of Middle Class 

The economy is structured in such a way that there must be employers and the employees. And it is the responsibility of employer to pay the employee for the services rendered or work done.  It is within  this circle where the  bourgeoisie have  found a dwelling place.    

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Act Like Antrepreneur, live  like Entrepreneur

Ants are interesting insects and unlike lions that you have to find in the zoo, they are found in rural and urban areas.  They travel without boundaries and  work hard for their food no wonder they got special mention in the bible, Proverbs 6:5-6

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Advertising On Social Media For Results

Social media is a great platform for networking, business connection, family contact, friendship, dating that may lead to marriage or heartbreak, whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is any person who is on social media already know the purpose and intentions of being there.

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