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August 06 2012 l ndbs   By: Derrick Ndzavi 

We are living in a New Age era where technology has become part of our being that life has become so easy and information is in our fingertips.  Gone are those days where we would walk around with huge files and dictionaries in university corridors, with Tablets we have all the resources we need.  One has to login to read the latest news without waiting for the printed pages delivered at door steps with bottle of milk. 

There is a cost involved though that should be taken into account when accessing this information and someone is smiling making money from the new age jibe.  One download can wipe the airtime or the data bundles and leaves one wondering where the credit has disappeared to.  Here are ways to save money from web connection.

Buy Data bundles

Data bundles are cost effective as when one buys in bulk gets good rates per megabytes.  They also assist in checking how much is left before and after logging off and one is able to budget and know how much data is required per month.  Smartphones like BlackBerry come with internet package which may be unlimited, however one has to still pay monthly fee for that connectivity

Avoid downloading files that you do not need

Social media like whatsapp and facebook have files that you can download, but before you can download you are able to see what it is.  And if a file is a movie which may be more than 1Mb it will do no harm to ask a sender what is the file all about.  A file as big as 10Mb can wipe much of your data or money from your credit and that file may not be relevant or useful to you.  Avoid also sending pictures to others without checking first how big the picture is.

Switch off auto updates and update essential apps only

Every application is made in such a way that it will require update and that is how developers make their money.  There are some programes which may not require update as you don’t use them often and this may apply to games that you do not play always.  If you are using data bundles, they come with expiry period so instead of updating your applications always you can update ones that are essential and wait till a day before data expires and use the remaining data to do updates on the rest.  You then need to put a reminder so that you do not miss the deadline and forfeit unused data.

Switch off connectivity after use

Switching off connectivity after use can save you money and data as some apps runs online even when you are not idling at that time.  The safe way is to switch off connectivity. 

No internet connection comes for free; the catch is in the download and the purchase you make while online.  Spend your money wisely.

Quitting Your Job At Own Risk

May 25 2012 l ndbs   By: Derrick Ndzavi 

Starting and running business while employed is not an easy thing to do, however that could be a best way to get started as you will still have source of funding for your business.  This kind of arrangement can be made if the kind of business you are starting can not meet your monthly financial obligations.  Before taking that risk of quitting the job to focus on business full time the following should be taken in to consideration:

1.  Salary for personal monthly expenses

For you to see the profit you make from the business you need to separate business expenditure from your personal expenses.  You can not take money from business to go buy stock and include your personal household items in that stock because come month-end you will have created a hole that you can not close.  Before you quit your job, check first if it is able to pay you monthly salary for you to take care of personal items from that salary...Read Full Article

Establishing You Business Embassies

April 21 2012 l ndbs   By: Derrick Ndzavi 

Every country has an embassy outside its own territory, however those embassies are in the countries that are in good working relation with such a country.  And often a country deploys either a former minister or government employee to run the international office.  There could be reason for that as since this person is retired might take up a job for the pride of the country than career ambitions.  Your business also needs Embassies in different spheres of operations and customer bases for you to draw more sales.  And there are no better people to deploy than your clients who have received best service from you.  Get the best out of your clients by getting them to talk about your business without paying them by following the below principles:...Read Full Article

Things To Avoid In Order To Keep Highway To Your Clients Open

January 31 2012 l ndbs   By: Derrick Ndzavi 

Running own business takes a lot of discipline and efforts. Every business is like a child that waits on mommy to breastfeed, the moment mommy fails to continuously breastfeed the child that child will be exposed to different kind of diseases. The health of that child is depended upon the mother and more often mommy does not require thermostat to measure the child’s temperature level, by just looking at the child she can tell instantly that the child is sick. How often do we apply forethought in our daily operation of our businesses? Our consistence and inconsistency thereof will determine how far our business will grow and how many clients we will attract to our businesses ...Read Full Article

A Partnership Worth Walking Away From

December 13 2011 l ndbs    By: Derrick Ndzavi 

The word ‘Partnership’ sounds very professional and exciting but to those  who have been given raw deal the word runs directly ...Read Full Article  

Dress for Success Inside Out

November 15 2011 l ndbs   By: Derrick Ndzavi      

I was invited to Australian Embassy by a friend for a business gala dinner, the embassy was to outline business opportunities in Australia and I had to look good that day. I pulled my best suit and the tie that I seldom wear...Read Full Article

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