Dump New Year Resolutions, Stick To Daily Routine





February 13 2013 l ndbs   By: Ndzavi Derrick Hlungwani 


We are in that time of the year where diaries and notebooks are prepared to have their first inscription in bold “NEW YEAR RESOLUTION”.  Come year end few or none of these resolutions are accomplished yet there will be no note at the bottom saying “ABORTED RESOLUTIONS” or “CARRY OVER TO NEW YEAR”, instead people take all the pains to sit down and think of what the New Year resolution will be.  Most businesses suffer due to lack of vision and leadership from the founder, often founders are delighted in seeing money coming in and give little or no attention to the processes and streams that bring the money in.  They only wake up from the disillusionment the moment the cash stops flowing.


Reposition yourself daily

New Year resolutions cannot be accomplished without a day to day plan that you have.  If you don’t know what to do when you wake up you might as well kiss the resolutions goodbye.  To accomplish your New Year resolutions it starts with your daily plan.  Many people tend to wait until September then realize that it is towards year end and they start panicking.  As much as you spend, you must save. Do not make saving one of  a New Year resolution but a monthly routine because you never make spending a resolution yet find yourself spending instantaneously. 

Check Market conditions than creating own terms

Before you can make resolutions that may affect production or the flow of your business, do a research on current market conditions as market trends change daily.  Have the clear understanding of the internal and external factors that may affect the efficiency of your business and deal with them promptly.  Do your own survey with your customers by having questionnaires for your clients to give you  feedback on your services that you render.  Find out what your clients prefer than to shove stuff down their throats as they might not choke to death but choke on their way out to the business next door. 

Study the industry you are in

Rules and regulations keep changing, the way you did things the previous year may not be in compliance with the laws of the country in the current year.  Some regulations may look very inconveniencing to any business but note that every regulation has a grace period whereby you can budget for a change than to realize on the day before the law comes to effect that you have done nothing to comply.  You may end up spending  a lot of money as anyone you consult can charge you an arm and a leg to get things done.  Stay abreast with what is happening within your industry.

Dine with your peers

People with common interest tend to gather at the same place.  Be on the lookout for any exhibitions in town, product promotions, shows and any other event that can expose you to your peers for it is in those platforms where you will exchange business cards and knowledge.  You will expose yourself to opportunities available out there by mingling with those you share same ideas. 

Put a price tag on it

You must have a measurable target to work on, your target can be on how many customers you want to service or how much money you want to make.  This is not what you expect to see come year end but what you want to see every day, every week, every month.  Have an estimate of how much you want to make a day and that will assist you in doing daily resolutions on how to grow the profit and grow the business ultimately.  Henry Ford once said “Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service”.  Strive for customer satisfaction and money will just slip out of the customer’s hand to yours.

Have a daily plan of things to do, a review on things not done, a visit on things postponed, and celebrate on things accomplished.  Your business needs you more than your assistant to do a daily review, thorough check and evaluation to see if you are still on course. 

Oh I forgot to ask, what is your New Year Resolution?  






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