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May 20 2013 l ndbs   By: Ndzavi Derrick Hlungwani 

Working from home has been associated with clients not trusting your delivery ability and your business efficiency.  That was acceptable years back where a landline would be a proof that you have an office and your business is reliable.  Today we are living in the integrated society where communication has been made simply through ICT.   With discipline and determination you can make millions sitting in your chair at home while dispatching and receiving orders at your fingertips.  With the following your business can be a success while at home:

Set up a proper side office

For you to work effectively you need to have a dedicated desk or table, chair and a space that you know that once you occupy that place your attention and focus is at work.  Have your stationery in place where you can easily locate it when it is needed than to start looking for it even in bedroom.  You need to get used to that corner that even when the phone rings and you have to run to that place to answer it as there is where your diary is.

Get up for work on time

You need to have a time that you know it is a starting time daily, you may not have a lot of work to do some other days but make it a point that you wake up and visit your work station.  While in that corner your mind will be conditioned and sharpened for work that you will find yourself honing ideas  that you never had before.   You may get back to house core duties but start there and at the end of your day go back to your desk and finish there.  Your work diary must not leave that corner as it might end up under the bed and you miss important appointments.

Dress up for work

Remember, you might have started your business but you once worked in a corporate environment where you would always wake up and make up and dress up.  Do not lax now that you work from home.  Dressing up is not about wearing a suit but is about being ready should you be called out and you can look presentable to service providers or clients.  Looking smart helps you think smart.

Set up your connectivity and communication

With proper ICT infrastructures you can run a proper office automation right from home.  Have your Wi-Fi or your internet connectivity functioning.  You must choose the network that is able to connect well in your area as some areas may have poor reception for certain networks.  You rather change your number or have a business number through which your clients will reach you than missing calls always or failing to send emails due to poor network.

Keep your appointments

Depending on the kind of business you run, you can meet your clients at the nearby restaurant or drive to your client’s premises.  Make sure the place that you choose is convenient for business as some places can be noisy and end up not hearing each other and that may have negative impact on you as your choices can be questionable.  Establish a good relationship with the restaurant owner as that will build confidence on your clients whenever they meet with you in a restaurant.  When meeting at a restaurant, make it clear to the client if you will pay the bill or they should prepare money for refreshment and if possible give them menus in advance.

Don’t take your work home   

When it is bed time it is bed time nothing else.  If you do not stick to that it may affect your relationship as your partner may not appreciate the fact that you even carry laptop into the bedroom in the name of working.  You had the whole day to do your work, anything that was not accomplished tomorrow is another working day.  If you finish work at four, any work you do after that you need to notify your family that you have deadline to meet and they must excuse you from supper or any family time until you finish what you are doing.  This should not be a daily habit as your work can steal your family time.

Leave your work at your work station, the rest of the house is not yours alone, so don’t take your work home.



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