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RechargeMyBiz APP is a platform where your Business gets listed for exposure and visibility. Users can make a call directly from the APP and those near you will locate you first through the geolocation navigation that shows the nearest service on top. The APP has high engagement level as it has Mentors/Advisors/Experts engaging with users on Business questions and topics.  The APP allows users to book one on one appointment with Mentors/Advisors/Experts. 

Engage  - Users are able to engage with experts and ask questions. There are Masterclasses by Experts and BizFrankTalk with Experts every Tuesday and Thursday 

COVID-19 - COVID-19 Updates

eBook - eBooks, Business Articles, Audio Podcast, Reports, Policies and Laws are published

Advisors - Experts and Advisors are listed and are able to engage with users in answering questions and offer advices 

Appointment - Users can book appointment with Experts 

MentorsWithoutBorders - Advisors volunteer their Services in helping entrepreneurs

Virtual Office - Users can view Listed Businesses and Professionals 

Get Listed - Listing Information and procedure to follow

MentorsWithoutBorders - Advisors volunteer their Services in helping entrepreneurs

BizEvents - Business events are published

BizQuiz - Business Questions to refresh your mind

BizVideos - Youtube and any other videos that are business related

Teenpreneurs - Page for teenegers to engage and ask questions on business

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